Inside clear thick glass cubicles Suspended on heights to which cats would be reluctant to climb On bare iron ladders   Looking out from this unnatural vantage at the horizon that dips below The eye catches a rush of wind sweeping through symmetrical mountains Manicured paths with shaped down trees, which sometimes, grow tall enough To bend, rise and testify to the force of a … Continue reading INSIDE GLASS


Bent boughs in beauty bound Classic corals in wood all wound Breaching barriers still unformed Daylight diamonds peeping through pipes Majestic madness in grave delight Winter’s whiteness brightens here Summer sashays in evening’s ears Careening capers of monsoons Merge and master everything marooned Flowing flowers in fleeting streams All to the light and lilting leaves Amazing mazes nature crafts Nurtures, nourishes these nymphs of light … Continue reading BEAUTY BOUND


Stories untold and unheard In Places left undiscovered, forgotten, Covered in sand dunes and gun powder; Faces frozen midway between expressions of everyday existence Stories built in reality intended to be the history of Days yet to have sunrises and years of sunsets Now lost with the historian who sleeps with so many stories before him Maybe they continue to live their tale in a … Continue reading THE HEAVEN OF BAD DEEDS


When we ask to be and to just let be Our voices shake, because sometimes wishes come true And when that happens the world becomes too big The place within our heads stifled by our own imaginations Through the silence we can hear whispers that Don’t speak our names anymore But talk of strangers in foreign lands in unaccustomed circumstance They don’t let you take … Continue reading FOLLOWING FIREFLIES


Clarity like a crystal is not really clear but multifaceted giving off light at different angles, moving in ripples around a lake, and she is not really still. She plays with the wind, the light and when her deepest corners are touched and revealed, she shines true for all to see. In moments of stillness she can be elusive and in moments of chaos loud … Continue reading CLARITY LIKE CRYSTAL


The dreamers eye looks at the world and sees instead visions in the mind And when in passing something significant changes in what was left unnoticed The mind brings it to attention pulling as though from a reverie the perception Of that which is entirely real and tangible and instantly, very perceptibly Regret enters the chain of thought at having missed the process that was … Continue reading THE DREAMER’S WORLD


Teak trees and moonlight Gentle whispers in the night air Of leaves rustling, falling in fall Branches sighing, old and tall High marks against the cloudless black blue sky Lightning surprisingly flashes by silently No thunder follows but a storm is surely nigh Stillness casts shadows that do not move but talk and dance With moonlight shining bright Great windows with iron grills Painted white … Continue reading TEAK TREES AND MOONLIGHT


  Skyscraper tips below hazy blue skies with pale yellow sunlight Dewless dry mornings with cold dusty air that gets breathed in too fast Nipping cold winds with waves of warm gushes, shivers and wrinkles Marble table tops with smooth mirror surfaces that repel warm elbows The city sleeps in part but stays busily awake, walking to times’ routine Running well-oiled reluctant machines to everyday … Continue reading SKYSCRAPER TIPS