In the songs of the wind, sometimes there are notes so beautiful that birdsong seems to pale before it. Music chooses her instruments without prejudice and makes them play notes that no one has heard before. If music had a muse who could it be? Could it be a thought, that begins in the depths of the ocean and rises from there through dense woods and bare deserts, through mountain streams and then to the peak and from there to the sky? Somewhere on the way maybe she encounters us as we look out of the windows in our souls and touches us, inspires us and in turn becomes our muse. Then the music we understand is born through the heart, translated through the mind and expressed through our instruments made by our hands or the voice given to us. Is that why a creator of music that we understand sometimes seeks for seclusion and sometimes for the companionship of other souls?

Maybe we are her muse then. Maybe we are the beginning of it all. Maybe the notes she starts in the ocean are inspired by the sea of our lives, its complexity and mysteries. And Music understands what all of us cant and sings about it everywhere, heals where she can, rouses where she must and is absent where there are no ears. So music is her own muse then or both the muse and the creator and what changes in the environment and through that the songs of peoples hearts, the rhythm of the waves in the sea, the wind in the fields, the pebbles in clear water streams. If a masterpiece that could not be perfected further exists then it is music with her muse because her symphony never ends, each ebb and fall is followed by another set of the same and it continues and continues from darkness to light from unfathomable depths to the shallows, from the superficial to the intense without tiring, always moving, ever changing.

And what we get finally, what we understand is what our heart actually means and cannot put into words. Truth is music’s muse. Music of the heart is the truth. So they both together flow on through generations never ceasing, always expressing; Music and Truth.


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