2013_10_24_08_38_26_283_ALIM1664RED REACHING FOR THE LIGHT
They climbed the pine so that they could see
The sun in the eye when they awakened at dawn sleepily
But when they reached the very top,
they still found themselves to be very short
So they exude their fragrance strongly in the evening light
Hoping that as the sun sets at least
He will look them in the eye and be for a moment by their side
2013_10_24_08_34_14_870_ALIM0443RED GOING SOLO
Red earth, warm dry fiery dust, circling circles with auburn leaves
Pebbles round and irregular, dark brown deep orange, cold in the shade of short lawn hedges
Mica shining elusively in patches of sunlight and in the midst of it all
Curiously Red life that is often otherwise green, alone but merging with all that is seen
2013_10_24_08_33_32_569_ALIM0193RED IN CONFUSION
Red tinged concrete stairs
Clumsy flowers on clumsy twigs, shoots of green within
Going everywhere, staying bound
Trapped from within and reaching out
Neither to the sun nor to the earth,
But they seem to be searching for air to breathe
2013_10_24_08_32_38_1_ALIM0161RED IN CONFLICT
Red flows the lifeblood in everything that moves above this earth with a heart
With every pump it grows into what must become tomorrow
With every tomorrow it grows darker
And when it is red no more
It is only a promise to return again when new eyes open to new shades of red
Red hides within everyone and everything
It watches all the time and is omnipresent
Soft, sweet, deadly and harsh
All together in one rustic song
In this world so full of red
Let us seek and let us discover
Let us hunt and let us capture
A spark of glowing red light for the dark nights
A hint of warm red color for cold foggy days
A dash of strong red life to be lived everyday

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