Skyscraper tips below hazy blue skies with pale yellow sunlight

Dewless dry mornings with cold dusty air that gets breathed in too fast

Nipping cold winds with waves of warm gushes, shivers and wrinkles

Marble table tops with smooth mirror surfaces that repel warm elbows

The city sleeps in part but stays busily awake, walking to times’ routine

Running well-oiled reluctant machines to everyday destinations

Exhaust fume patterns, sputters of engines, music of the new age without rhythm

Coffee whiff spirals elusive and strong, catching calls to morning cafe’s

Bird call substitutes, babies in strollers, school bells ringing and clocks ticking

Flowers burdened with dust, ignored in busy avenues, waiting for false rain

To regain full color and dance a little in the breeze of many rushed breaths

And in some places life that is done with routine, peeps out sleepy eyed

Views and judges, pulls up its covers and goes back to sweet dreams behind

Thick brown shutters that cut out noises that circle ceaselessly outside

Metal is in glory here, shining, with battle scars, necklaces worn with pride

Dug from the deepest depths on earth and now so high, with chimney pipes

Satellites, Electricity poles, Signal towers and Lighting conductors

Afternoon heat invisible in silent streets, people in deep thought behind high desks

Or near kitchen tops, pausing a while, forgetting what for

Rising again to routine and occupation, productivity after temporary cacophony

Coherent seemingly but confused inside, not letting on to anyone

The city moves on to evening, to celebrate before rest, to lose all reserve

And then in one final stroke, a decision to cease the day sweetly or shortly

Leisurely or routinely to get up again to skyscraper tips

Below hazy blue skies with pale yellow sunlight and dewless dry mornings


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