Silence can say more than words and express more than action sometimes. She is not as expressive with everyone though. It is her choice and the listener’s. Her communication is complex but apparent to those with a mind that feels deeply. If we understand her we discover a new world that is in between reality and fantasy. Her communication can hurt or soothe depending on the context and sometimes all she does is express what cannot be spoken wishing for responses that she is not sure about. She selects her audience with a sense of exclusivity. But those who can understand her can find a lifelong companion that will judge and at the same time guide and reveal secrets that are pathways to worlds beyond. The next time you meet her will you be brave enough to meet her gaze, let her touch your soul and know all your secrets? Remember though that your secrets will be safe in her keeping but she will not fear the expression of opinion. If you have not found her yet, hold still, see, feel and open your mind and she will slip in quietly like a sprite made of light and you will know then that you have made a new acquaintance, one that is worth making.



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