The empire of the mind can build castles in the realm of imagination. Building them in the real world is a test of true internal strength. Keeping to the patterns of the self can be difficult if the patterns of the world do not support abstractedness. So the mind merges because after all it cannot survive on its own. It merges and adapts to survive. What does it loose while it does so? Where does creation stop when met with adaptation? Maybe it doesn’t stop but continues within imagination itself; maybe it tries to rise above but stays within in its self-created world waiting for the moment of inspiration, waiting for victory over what is the norm in the current.

The truth here is not under dispute. What is under study here is the potential of achieving possibility. What has happened to the present world seems to be a process of integration, fitting to certain molds even when it comes to radical innovation. There is a merger of sorts of ideas but somehow the merger does not seem to be touching or impacting upon certain vital problems. The mind is conflicted between a lot of parallels and like all natural selection, it by default tends towards what will survive in the environment and what it perceives at the point of expression is the fact that conformity has the highest chance of survival. But this limitation barely affects the empire of the mind within. It continues to grow and transform as though entirely independent of the external environment. True defeat is reflected when this ends, when there is a ceasing of hope for implementation. Many minds give in to this defeat even without realizing what they lose. The loss gets camouflaged by a sense of stability and certainty, a false hope of a pleasant future. This removes from the originator of ideas a sense of responsibility to the greater cause. The sense of responsibility instead gets taken over by emotions. Now emotions are not valueless and they certainly cannot be disposed of with. The mind needs to find a way to let emotions and constructive imagination work without conflicting but in intense harmony. But this is difficult; it is difficult because of all the short term goals that we perceive, our mind prioritizes for us, based on what will make us most secure emotionally.

As humans we cannot be entirely rational, that is the beauty and complexity of our being. But accepting that, allowing our minds to be open to that, understanding ourselves in the ways we react, act and ideate can help us to use even our own irrationality and non-conformance to be a more significant change in the pattern than just a merger and one that fits into accepted paths. The mind is limitless for each of us but also unique in each case, setting it free can sometimes be the best gift we can give ourselves and through us to the world. It is not about deliberately creating chaos, disrupting the pattern or making what exists extinct. It is about change for the better, a newer perspective a more evolved and resilient humanity, a more empathetic and responsible race. Its about knowing how much to let your mind link to the rest of the environment and how much to allow it the freedom to move, explore and discover on its own.



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