Bent boughs in beauty bound

Classic corals in wood all wound

Breaching barriers still unformed

Daylight diamonds peeping through pipes

Majestic madness in grave delight

Winter’s whiteness brightens here

Summer sashays in evening’s ears

Careening capers of monsoons

Merge and master everything marooned

Flowing flowers in fleeting streams

All to the light and lilting leaves

Amazing mazes nature crafts

Nurtures, nourishes these nymphs of light

Reaching rafters, breaching bars

Her design desires all she forms

And with waters washes and brightness bleaches.

All relics are real and novelty kneads

Her handiwork in calligraphy bold and subtly sweet

Complex caricatures brimming with life

Speaking volumes with massive might

Words formed with trees’ tambourines

Hear, give ear they never repeat

Seek, consign to memory

The next stroke of her brush

Will change this world while you sleep


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