Clarity like a crystal is not really clear but multifaceted giving off light at different angles, moving in ripples around a lake, and she is not really still.

She plays with the wind, the light and when her deepest corners are touched and revealed, she shines true for all to see. In moments of stillness she can be elusive and in moments of chaos loud and clear, an opposite of what is generally considered her nature. Like a nightingale’s song in the twilight she can drown out the cricket’s chirp, not in reality, but in the listener’s ear she can take priority.

In depth she lives with her friends in constant companionship and discourse absorbing how the world changes, adapting to the evolution of over a billion human minds, cutting corners for simplicity and at times intricately decorated for complexity and added knowledge.

Like sunlight on a clear day, she walks among the leaves of trees creating delicate tendrils of shadows for those walking on the path to follow.

She floats between butterfly wings, the colors carrying her as well as stark shades of black and white can and when her medium lands on a flower sweet with nectar she understands what it whispers through its fragrance. Sometimes she soars high with kites and becomes difficult to see for those who are not far sighted but even then she swoops down guiding her tail expertly, becoming clearer as she circles lower and lower.

So she becomes more of her and less of her as she deems fit, as she deems she will be most definitely seen. In her efforts sometimes she tires of the questions which in themselves are the answer and becomes quiet like a still night without a whisper. Even nature stops singing and she waits for the world to let her silence in and within it find the answer.

It can be a long time and an unpredictable wait but she always returns like a lost friend, only, she was always there but not seen and accepted as she was at that point. She rings clear in voices sometimes that teach through knowledge and experience, that are weary yet willing to travel further, that are brave enough to orient themselves to clarity’s changing axis.

In these voices she sometimes becomes immortal. She gets written in history which is carved in stone, saved in earth’s heart, safer in this vault than in any other mind or place in the world. If we look deep enough, understand that sometimes she needs only one to understand and at others over a million, then we find her continuously.

The crystal of clarity is full of dimensions that need eyes that are seeking and keen like those of a jeweler’s examining a diamond. These are the eyes of the soul and the heart and deep within them in the very depths she sleeps waiting to be shown and wanting to be seen.


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