When we ask to be and to just let be
Our voices shake, because sometimes wishes come true
And when that happens the world becomes too big
The place within our heads stifled by our own imaginations

Through the silence we can hear whispers that
Don’t speak our names anymore
But talk of strangers in foreign lands in unaccustomed circumstance
They don’t let you take a ride in their submarine
Through their quagmire because
You don’t belong anymore to anybody
And when you hear a song your heart used to skip to before
You see that it leaves you lost, its melody forgotten
By your soul as it builds more walls all around
And winter comes with cold hard ice
You slip and fall again and again
Barely able to stand
As headlights pass you by all the time
Giving you the fictional hope of warm yellow light
As you look and search for a warm hearth
In a home that is far too deep in the dense woods to find

That’s when you see them
The fireflies in the darkness and heaviness
Floating like jellyfish in water
But floating instead in the sea of darkness
You filled drop by living drop till now,
Till you almost lost your breath and drowned
And you clutch on with what is left of your mind
To the soft pale glow of the fireflies
As they show you a path through many twisted caverns
You never noticed when you were making your way down
And then they leave you because they cannot
Glow in the dawn’s light

And you have found your first sunrise in many years
You feel your frozen heart reignite to give you life
Only because you chose this time to follow
The fragile inconsequential fireflies


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