Teak trees and moonlight

Gentle whispers in the night air

Of leaves rustling, falling in fall

Branches sighing, old and tall

High marks against the cloudless black blue sky

Lightning surprisingly flashes by silently

No thunder follows but a storm is surely nigh

Stillness casts shadows that do not move but talk and dance

With moonlight shining bright

Great windows with iron grills

Painted white panes with green shutters

Separations from the wild beauty that lies beyond

Taming it in silence, cutting out the wind to calmness

And yet the Secrets know

There is a gale gearing up to billow

Even the strongest tree as though it were but a reed

Tenderly circling a shallow lake

Creating invisible ripples that reach the shore ultimately

But teak trees in moonlight now stand tall

Sentinels over a quiet kingdom

The windows look up to its half bare branches and know

That this time the candles lit inside would not be

Hidden from distant eyes


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