I saw the ground breathing in and out

Exhaling on the concrete paved footpath

She sighed of griefs carried on many feet

As they trampled on

Trampled on

I saw her wash in the monsoon deluge

All the dust thats held on

From all that passed and stayed not with her

But moved on forward

Moved on

I saw her open her eyes in the relative silence

That came with the night

And see the ignominy of her existence

While tree roots went deep

Went deep

I saw that when in mid-day the sun was strongest

And the softest touch was of rubber tires

And all was hazy with the heat

She sustained while all else shriveled

She sustained

And when her age began to show in ruts

And muddy puddles

Bumping, tripping those in transit

They looked down at last

Looked down

And in their eyes she saw no loyalty

Because she was a path to the yonder

Always the means to the way

So she chose not to speak

Never to speak


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