I dream of utopias

(In broken times, in ruined castles)

Where we have not forgotten

The dance of the soul

Where love is not possession

Where hope is not weakness


I still dream of utopias

Now that water has greyed

With ages that have washed into the oceans

Now that Birds have learnt to fly into space

And migrated to other galaxies

To survive the winter of time


I dream of utopias

You can look me in the eyes

And find them emerge from lightning struck imagination

Like cities in river valleys


I will dream of utopias

Even when earthly love abandons me

Life strands me in dessert storms

And every thought of mine

Vehemently disproves the existence of my soul


Because in you I found memories

That come from antiquated times

Of absolute truths

Of lyrics in songs that kings and magicians forbade

So that we forgot them over time


I will dream of utopias

Because when a tree bursts forth in spring

There is more enchantment in that succession

Than we will ever have the capacity to comprehend and believe


Till the time comes again when we choose to love

Like we choose to live

I will dream of utopias


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