Don’t ask me to

Wait bare feet

For the clothes you choose for me to wear

Don’t ask me to

Wait on the curb

For you to take me to work

To a job you think I’ll be good at

Don’t tell me about all the ways I am just not enough

All the ideas I should have

All the thoughts I should stop thinking

Don’t tell me to live by those rules and not these

Don’t tell me not to laugh that way

Or dress that way

Or sing in the shower

Don’t expect me to listen

When all you say

Is meant to whitewash over who I am


But Look at me

I have my heart in my hand

I am giving it to you

I’ll take a bullet for you

I won’t hesitate even once to stand up for you


Look at me

Try for one moment to not find the cracks in me

That you can seal with your words

Your deeds


Look at me

In front of you

You know who I am

My life is yours but you have to want it

Need it

As much as I do


You know I am a puzzle that stays happier jumbled

Would you dare to love me?

Because the truth is

I dare to love you

I am already entirely yours

And I have been listening




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