The inverted flower pot

Reminds me of the rose that bloomed

In its rich secure crevice

Emanating a fragrance that fascinated

The dangerous bees


It reminds me that my skin

Was tanned in my mother’s womb

Basking in the sunlight of her love


The dragonflies sometimes still

Forget, and sit here

On its inverted moss blanketed exterior


My fingers will never be

Translucent like yours

But I can camouflage myself in the mud we played in

I said,

I’ll hide you when the hunters come

We can build striped sculptures

That years later

Someone will come across

And play tunes on like on Stonehenge


But we remembered too late

That we breathed the same air.

I emptied the flower pot.

You helped me

To transplant the rose

Somewhere new, you knew she would love the view

The sunlight made me bright that day

The moon glowed on you


I can hear the children laughing

At the strangeness of a rose

That has climbed and bloomed on a dying tree


The inverted flower pot reminds me

She was here

And so were you


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