The capable comedian rightfully thinks:

‘The thing about humour is that,

It is like a surprising cat,

Which has the terrible habit, of rubbing up against you,

In the most inopportune moments.

In situations where she consequently finds herself,

Grinning stupidly,

While people mill around her,

With serious, purpose ridden faces,

I’m sure, wondering,

Who let her out of the loony bin?

At this point, like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

She would like to protest

“I am not crazy…

But. No I have not been tested…yet

You just don’t see it do you? (sigh)”

And that my friends is the accurate mixture,

To blend the perfect cocktail,

Of an evening spent in solitude,

Smiling at the fire,

Putting pen to paper,

And hoping that the rest of the world finds it funny,

When you explain elaborately to them,

With articulate gestures, expressions and theoretical frameworks,

What you saw, and understood,

In a momentary instant.’


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