I don’t like unraveling like this.


I grew up with silkworms

When I saw their fate

I knew I had to change

Into more than a moth

So I climbed down the Asan tree

And asked the milkweed butterflies

Whether they fancied their prolonged existence

A month seemed to be like a lifetime then.


But, one evening, I saw the black drongos

They swooped down and

I found

Life around me to last much shorter than a month


My metamorphosed body

Lived life times as a sparrow hawk in winter

An eagle during a drought

A dragonfly one monsoon

A tree in a timber destined forest

Till I flew in spirit form


Now, I choose to be the air you breathe

You need me

And I love being needed

I can never die

Never end

Never fade in your wardrobe,

Never feel the stab of a predator’s beak

Never feel the blows of an axe


But you will also never see me

Never know me


I won’t cause you to catch your breath

When you see me on a flower

You will never feel the silk you spun off me

Running through your fingers

And adorning your body

You will not call me glorious

As I soar through the skies

Nor wise as I stand for centuries like a shrine


I exist now

Only in my knowledge.


I don’t like unraveling like this.






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