The world has set its heart on the claustrophobia of a song That blinks centuries within an hourglass of powdered mirrors The waves have attached themselves to violin strings They plead infinitely, for freedom, from the chains of gravity Butterflies have learnt to barter themselves on beams of sunlight, Dancing for promises of elixir, to be fulfilled within short life-spans Calamity plays its art in … Continue reading CLAUSTROPHOBIA


  Wisdom, does she change her nature? From the moment she is born within a child To when she lies in wrinkled old age. Does she learn more than she forgets? The wisdom of childhood That comes so easily in what is felt Than what is superficially seen, By what is experienced and touched Than opinions thrust forth by the world. The wisdom that finds … Continue reading THE WISDOM OF CHILDHOOD

OH LOVE – Written for a mother beyond words

  I smile here. The songs we shared Are segments of her symphony Which I created   Oh love You are a smile that starts ever so slowly And lights up a face Like a celestial star   May you never leave her side Like you never left ours Since the day She left my womb   Oh love Her limbs have grown The years have … Continue reading OH LOVE – Written for a mother beyond words


The rainbow builder taught me his craft. I learnt well The spells that could build bridges of crystal, Prisms of fascination. Picking colours from petals, feathers and pebbles I mastered the art Of the incomparable arch That led to the land of dreams.   Marbles, Sapphires, Gold and Water Had to be shaped to fit my mould Now, was my turbulent turn, Was this not … Continue reading CRUSHING RAINBOWS