I found you today hiding in the shade. I would have walked on by, but for your brilliant colour. Why have you bloomed so shyly? I have travelled far to catch one glimpse of you, one glimpse, of a flower that I only knew till now, in the fairy tales I read before bedtime, when my hands and feet were much smaller.


You are quite difficult to photograph, with you head bent so and the sun sieving down into your spot of shade. The best portrait of you will remain in my memory.


Bluebell, you remind me of the larkspurs that once bloomed in a flower bed, in a land I don’t call home anymore. Bluebell, you remind me of the Frangipani that is blooming in my mother’s front yard in a country far away. Your cobalt blue has made me nostalgic about the dancing Blue Tiger Butterfly that loved resting on the Jasmine Bush I planted. But Bluebell I found today’s moment of joy in you and it was real, in the present and within the very throbbing pulse of life with you.




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