He said, “I will never abandon you”,

While the river ran glassily

Over the smooth round stones

That were making her heart heavy with pain.

The water was cold

From all the melted snow

That flowed from a spring of dark grief.


The river flowed slowly in the plains

And her knowledge grew deep

From all that had flowed into her

From the mountains and rains of words and witnessing.

She began to believe him and a joy grew within her.


When winter started freezing behind her

She felt invincible in her quest for the sea

Which, she knew, would always wait for her, fluid and warm.

He started disappearing like the leaves of fall

She saw him in her dreams more often

Than in clear light of day and corporeality.


When she reached her vastest breath and strangest depth

She was almost a lake encircling an island;

A world she created and protected with her strong current,

A world she would have let him have for nothing.

He smiled, entranced, by her titanic evolution.


By the time the Hawthorn and the Cherry Plums had blossomed,

She had foreseen his fading into a painful absence.

Her heart tore and the silt at the shore bled her to her bones,

But, she crawled in fragments into the open seas,

And she said to him, “I will never hate you.”


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