Precluded labours mock The discontinuity of twisted spines. Sweat trickles profligately Spikes metal bars brackish In a cactus motherland. Canine wails make the airborne cringe Contained within their weatherproof effervesces Aseptic, dreaming of flowers in wine Existent man smiles. Imaginary man cries Below a hoarding advertising black soda Above, the searing sun gleams perilously. “The bungalow had green shutters” Delirious old women dream Dredging through … Continue reading ASEPTIC


Slow mizzles kiss stunning, luscious, Forget-me-nots That have erupted from their winter shyness. The Cuckoo calls rhythmically, musically, sporadically Unconcerned with time kept by her namesake clocks While the Moorhen swims swiftly across the narrow river Keen on the snails that have reticently ventured out. An old man with a noble dog walks carefully between the reeds Across a concave, well walked wooden bridge. A … Continue reading FORGET-ME-NOT