Slow mizzles kiss stunning, luscious, Forget-me-nots

That have erupted from their winter shyness.

The Cuckoo calls rhythmically, musically, sporadically

Unconcerned with time kept by her namesake clocks

While the Moorhen swims swiftly across the narrow river

Keen on the snails that have reticently ventured out.

An old man with a noble dog walks carefully between the reeds

Across a concave, well walked wooden bridge.

A curious Robin peeks at the hopping hectic Blackbird

Two Magpies dig for treasure in the buttercup spangled grass

Where old Dandelions wait for the wind

Birdsong rich in range orchestrates nature’s ballad

Serenity has etched herself within the air of spring,

Engraved, forever, in my enchanted memory


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