Precluded labours mock

The discontinuity of twisted spines.

Sweat trickles profligately

Spikes metal bars brackish

In a cactus motherland.

Canine wails make the airborne cringe

Contained within their weatherproof effervesces

Aseptic, dreaming of flowers in wine

Existent man smiles.

Imaginary man cries

Below a hoarding advertising black soda

Above, the searing sun gleams perilously.

“The bungalow had green shutters”

Delirious old women dream

Dredging through the sewage of memory

Accumulated beneath plastic rooves

Perched on Mud Walls

Waiting for a deluge to swim away with.


Sleep now

Tomorrow persistently saunters in on the sin of time

Doesn’t she?


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