Summer has swung in, hazy green. Magpies play clambering games, On rooftops covered with moss.   Young, maverick, ravens and crows, Alight on warm earth, Studded richly, With Ruby Grass.   Blackbirds bathe, In narrow, shallow streams, Relishing summer’s heat, With tadpoles swimming between their feet.   Poppies have popped up by the footpath, Surrounded, by a cluttered beautiful mess, Of Fescue, Bluegrass and Common Mallow. … Continue reading JUNE


“What do you really want?”,  they asked her. She said, “nothing”. Her heart screamed that it wanted to be loved, her head said that was impossible. Her heart whispered “see me”, her head showed her, no one could. Her heart dreamt about happiness, her head mocked her with the opposite truth. Her heart raced to make a difference, her head told her she was not … Continue reading SHE SAID, “NOTHING”.