She met him when she was twenty-four

Twenty-four years ago

Twenty-four places on the long dining table

Summer is hot this year, everything must be set in order

The oceans had started rising even back then

And now she was neck deep

In family

Apple butter and olive green shutters


She was twenty-four

Twenty-four years ago

And she still remembers

A kiss on the cheek

What? A mole you say? No it can stay

It gives me some character wouldn’t you say?

While she hums to a song on the radio

The sound of his voice

Of how he left without saying goodbye

Twenty-two years ago


Red looked lovely on her he said

“Do you like the red silk scarf we brought for you Mummy?”

A bit too much for my age don’t you think?

But she will wear it this Christmas to hide the wrinkles forming on her neck

Twenty-four years ago

It was red roses.

She had kept them pressed between her favourite books for years


Twenty-four hours to go

Another year lived, lasted, breathed away

Where did they go aunty?

The fairies who lived in your lilies?

Have you decided what to wish for your birthday yet?

Sweet innocent child

Her, twenty-four years ago

Dancing on the petals of a stargazer lily till it died with that summer

She smiled, it hardly hurt at all anymore

A memory buried under several millions more


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