A walk into hopelessness took me,

Past Catmints and yellow summer flowers,

Into cool deep water.

Submerged, I feel like staying.

Submerged, I feel like breathing water

Air is toxic.


I see my questions swim around me,

Electric eels.


No one sees,

The murky green thoughts,

Monstrous plots,

Fuelling the grand machinery, taut,

Ready to destroy.

Mocking currents,

Are garrulous company.

Oyster shells beckon.


Maybe, in my next life,

I’ll be a pearl,

Hanging from your ear,

Whispering my tales to you.


But just like today,

You won’t see, you won’t hear.

Just like today,

You would rather keep me,

In a wooden, velvet lined box,

My designated place,

On your designated dresser,


Submerged, I feel like dying.


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