You know just how much

You can build me up.

One word from you,

I break,

Every day, the promises we make together

You break.

I have not learnt my lessons it seems,

Lessons that teach me to flee.

But I dread fear,

I am disgusted to find it lurking within me.

So I stick to you,

For comfort I cling to you.

But that part I cling to, comes and goes in waves.

And I pray,

Let not bitterness pervade me,

But let love build me up,

So I can survive,

Your terrible adoration,

That seeks to make me rise,

But buries me under,

A million bricks.

I feel stuck in a trap song,

Beating my fists on earth for rhythm.

I could set fire to everything.

But I pretend,

To be so joyful.

I have learnt how to synchronize my joy with your waves.

And I pray,

I become nothing like you,

But everything I love about you.

You must know?


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