My heart is filled with a wanderlust for wild lands

Where footsteps don’t interrupt

The mellifluent silence

Enveloped, within desultory bird calls


My eyes want to open at midnight

Under constellations they don’t recognize

And in them, read stories about parallel universes

Where people breathe and dance underwater


My bombinating head refuses to be still

It churns out palpitations at duple rapidity

Forcing me to close the door

By steady degrees, to everyone and everything I know


My feet, thirst for rivers that run into distant oceans

Where they can swim through fluthers of jellyfish

Rest on islands with soft black sand

Climb limestone staircases to rust rock towers


My hands, are waiting to feel unfelt surfaces

Of moss that noble caribou feed on

Of serrated murexes sleeping within their shells

Steadily mapping the ocean floor


Wild lands call to me in my dreams

With promises to shelter my soul

To purify my being

To reveal all truths


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