November ends, Signalling the start of another conclusion.   Curatorial time keepers clear shelves, For next year’s phenomenal manifestations. While hidden somewhere, a sapling dreams, Of sunlight and colour.   Men, talk about ageing, Another year closer to death.   Conditioned to follow the wind, Birds sing about a homeland, That banishes them every year episodically. Still, like clockwork their hearts beat patient.   Stories … Continue reading NOVEMBER ENDS


We are simulacrum, Of gods made of gold, Stone faced, weather-beaten, mountain sentinels, Looking down, On seas of ordinary humanity.   We sit firm on marble pillars, Coated in silver, Shucked from their very bones. Reign, Incandescent, Eluding their eyes, of the truth of us.   We are simulacrum of a middle aged generation, That wishes for utopia, And is beguiled, Into worshiping at alters, … Continue reading SIMULACRUM


It’s funny how, Feelings can get stored, Hibernate, shrunk on defragmented disks, To make room, For new ones, That float in the ether.   I caught one today, Sitting on shocking pink flowers, Waiting to be downloaded, Into my head space, And now, it’s stuck on repeat, Singing,   Telling me stories, I did not imagine before today. I’ll let it sit bookmarked for a … Continue reading DEFRAGMENTED


A walk into hopelessness took me, Past Catmints and yellow summer flowers, Into cool deep water. Submerged, I feel like staying. Submerged, I feel like breathing water Air is toxic. Subaquatic, I see my questions swim around me, Electric eels.   No one sees, The murky green thoughts, Monstrous plots, Fuelling the grand machinery, taut, Ready to destroy. Mocking currents, Are garrulous company. Oyster shells … Continue reading SAFE?


Years ago, when I would still be considered a child, my memories remind me of an old face. But this face had no wrinkles, years old and very familiar, it was set flat, white and only had three lines across its face. Every evening a man whose visage was crinkled with wrinkles and probably the same age as my old friend brought with him a … Continue reading  THE THOUGHTS THAT WIND THE CLOCK