In empty mind spaces Ideas surge like waves in a storm, crashing, against the seawall Demanding entrance, attendance. These fascinating philosophies, mind-bending ideologies, neo-theologies, Compete for thought and time, But, are pushed out, irreverently, repeatedly, By the little black bird, Drinking nectar from bougainvillea and hibiscus, By the cold air that is nestled around the lake, By the serious dog who won’t wag his tail. … Continue reading Tea?


I lie stretched, Between those who live my dreams, And those who suffer my nightmares.   Between them, I am draped, On Destiny’s knee. An unconceptualized landscape, Waiting for her, to strike her patterns, Permanently tattooing me with a singular mural, While she pins my ends, Between those who have forgotten me, And those that I have lost.   Shadowed by my colossal predestination, I … Continue reading I LIVE


  It’s peculiar how, as I grow in time, It is becoming easier, to smile at chaos, To smile at negative clanging, Bent, on bashing my conscience into submission.   My spirit seems to have learnt, The clever art, of deflecting these waves, Diminishing the depth of their stings, while, Refusing, to melt into a helpless mess Against their intellectual soldering-irons.   Is my heart … Continue reading AN EXCURSION AWAY FROM ANGER


Kaleidoscopic thoughts, Not rainbow hued, Have transcended into my imagination, Clogging its sensitivity to reveal hard truths;   Truths, about worlds that have emerged Within my world. Truths about closing gates, chains forged of new metals That clash against bullet proof glass dungeons   We the People, outside, Stare at the prisoners. Artists draw them, sculpt them, creating poetry Off trapped lives, bleeding, in front … Continue reading CLOGGED


My heart is filled with a wanderlust for wild lands Where footsteps don’t interrupt The mellifluent silence Enveloped, within desultory bird calls   My eyes want to open at midnight Under constellations they don’t recognize And in them, read stories about parallel universes Where people breathe and dance underwater   My bombinating head refuses to be still It churns out palpitations at duple rapidity Forcing … Continue reading WILD LANDS


I watch as the steady rain, falls softly. The air inside this place, sticks to my skin, more than I am comfortable.   What is this barb in my heart that twists itself a little deeper on days like this?   Is it the memory of me as a child, in a different house, watching orange lightening flash across the sky, while thunder made the … Continue reading REFLECTIONS ON A RAINY DAY


November ends, Signalling the start of another conclusion.   Curatorial time keepers clear shelves, For next year’s phenomenal manifestations. While hidden somewhere, a sapling dreams, Of sunlight and colour.   Men, talk about ageing, Another year closer to death.   Conditioned to follow the wind, Birds sing about a homeland, That banishes them every year episodically. Still, like clockwork their hearts beat patient.   Stories … Continue reading NOVEMBER ENDS