The rainbow builder taught me his craft.

I learnt well

The spells that could build bridges of crystal,

Prisms of fascination.

Picking colours from petals, feathers and pebbles

I mastered the art

Of the incomparable arch

That led to the land of dreams.


Marbles, Sapphires, Gold and Water

Had to be shaped to fit my mould

Now, was my turbulent turn,

Was this not my hand, upon creation?

But Predestined was

My inadequacy and my failure

In an unaccustomed paradise

So far beyond my cognizance


I watched him crush my rainbows

His hammer shattered crystal sheets of light

Into dust that fled to the four winds.

My education terminated

Like a hurt that precedes a scar,

Yet, I miss the builder of rainbows

Who keeps me exiled

From the land of dreams





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